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The Civil Engineering department was established in the year 1960-61. In the year 2011 (Golden Jubilee year of polytechnic), the department has completed 50 years. This dynamic department with dedicated faculty & supporting staff imparts education in various subjects like Essential of Environment and Seismic Engineering, Civil Engineering Drawing, Elements of Civil Engineering, Construction Technology, Material Technology, Surveying-I & II, Irrigation, Quantity Survey & Costing, Hydraulics, Quantity Survey & Valuation, Water Resource Management, Advanced Construction Technology, Construction Works Management, Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering, Project, Quality Control & Monitoring. In each of the University examinations, the results of all the subjects are normally excellent. The department also conducts the education tours & site visits related to subjects taught for the students.

Apart from teaching, the department also conducts various skill development training programmes like Mason training for local Masons, Supervisors and Bar Benders which comes under CEPT University as our institute is a Nodal Institute. The department also provides the testing facility of Aggregates, Tensile Strength of Steel and Compressive Strength of Concrete for the construction projects of the surrounding areas. The Civil Engineering Department since its inception has maintained its quality in teaching learning process and students are very much developed theoretically & practically in their field.