In the last twenty years, Computer Engineering has grown from a somewhat naive academic discipline into one of the driving forces of technological advance. Computation is ubiquitous and is changing the world around us in which we live, from day to day activities to all the highest economic and technological advancements. Contrary to popular belief, the job market in computer technology is robust and growing. Over the next several decades, computer engineers will continue to innovate the world in which we live.

Our department, at Tolani has a three-sided mission: to create knowledge, to disseminate knowledge, and to provide service to our communities—the local Tolani community and the broader community beyond the campus.

Computer department is a lively and invigorating place. Experience our web presence!!! We hope that this site provides you with information on a broad range of topics, including our events and activities, calendar, faculty openings, and our affiliated programs. Just as you’ve found our web site, we would like to encourage you to visit the Tolani campus and computer department itself.